Unexpected Life Changes – Accept and Build

“Accept and build…”

It was my sophomore year of high school. Our fourth period theatre teacher, David Catanzarite, was discussing the fundamentals of improv. He explained that during improv, you must always accept whatever circumstance your scene partner brings into the developing scene and build on it to create a story. An “anything goes” sort of concept. Not only did this create some hilarious classroom moments, but as I’ve navigated through life’s lessons, I’ve often heard the echo of an eccentric bald Italian man reminding me to accept and build.

Life is full of unexpected changes, things that maybe were never meant to happen by your timeline…you lost someone, your family fell apart, your life lost direction, etc. We have daydreams about how we want our future to be, but rarely envision the roads we must travel to reach our destination. Even when we do, when something devastating happens, it is never a part of our plan. We never saw it in the vision. We have little time to prepare before a whirlwind of emotions and responsibility has us pulled in all directions. Situations can become paralyzing, overwhelming, scary, frustrating, confusing, hurtful, so on and so forth. We can become so preoccupied with “handling life” that we forget about the person who’s living it, and what our goals were. When you’re hit with the unexpected..

Accept and build.

To fight your growth is to fight yourself. Despite what you might think in times of chaos, it is time for this to be happening and you can handle it. You’re right where you’re meant to be, baby. We are all students and teachers in this life. In whatever situation you’ve gone through, you’ve always been one of the two, and either one is an honor – even when it hurts. We don’t have a choice when it comes to pain. Things are going to hurt. But YOU don’t have to suffer. Learn to love your growing pains. They are what is creating the best version of you. Accept the lessons and obstacles that you’re given. They’re an opportunity to grow. The challenges you face can only reward you.

“Be like water making it’s way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.” – Bruce Lee

We can take some wisdom from our friend Bruce Lee – if you do not fight, do not resist, you will discover new truths. You will exhaust your heart and soul trying to change a circumstance you have no control over – just trust that this process is bringing you to the greatest good and it will have no choice but to deliver. Easier said the done, but practice makes perfect, love.

Look at some of your greatest accomplishments…what were the lessons that inspired them? How have your growing pains gotten you to where you are today?


Crystal Basics: 5 Stones Every Beginner Needs

Anyone close to me knows – I LOVE my crystals. I use them everyday for everything. I wear them, I work with them, I sleep with them, I charge my water with them – they are my lifelong healing companions. But when I first got curious about crystals, I had no idea where to start! I had so many questions…like:

How exactly do they create an impact on us? Mama Earth forms these little treasures over millions of years, under high pressures and temperatures. When they emerge, they refract and reflect light (vibration) that we are unable to perceive. There’s a lot going on around us that we aren’t even aware of…check it out:


This affects our auric field, even without physical contact. Sound crazy? Don’t be so sure. From solar energy, to the technology behind computers and LCD screens, check out how crystalline properties are used in your everyday technology HERE.

Science lesson over – time to dive in to the sparkles! It was so hard to pick just five…but here we go!


fullsizeoutput_561.jpeg1.Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is piezoelectric and pyroelectric – meaning it can turn mechanical pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy and vice versa (enabling their use in electronics). The ability to focus, amplify, store and transform energy makes it the most versatile crystal on the market. Clear Quartz produces a force field of healing negative ions while dispelling static electricity and harmful effects
of radiation and radioactivity. It will also amplify the intention of any crystal grid and amplify the energies of any stone it is directed towards.


2. Rose Quartz


Ahhh Rose Quartz – my secret guardian. Believe it or not – I found this piece at a garage sale when I was about 6 for TWO DOLLARS (thanks, Mom 💙). Rose quartz opens the heart chakra, lowers stress and tension, and promotes healing from anger, jealousy, resentment and other emotional pain. A staple of supportive, loving, and comforting energy.


3. Amethystfullsizeoutput_563.jpeg

My third recommendation is AMETHYST! This is a beautiful piece that I received as a gift from my best friend. Known as the “all healer”, this stone is the equivalent of a big hug. A great stone to
destress and relax. Keep it by your bedside to improve sleep and experience good dreams.


fullsizeoutput_562.jpeg4. Fluorite

I’ve got my green fluorite pictured, but it comes in several colors – and odds are, it was used to make some of the products in your home (cooking utensils, enamels, certain types
of glass…cool stuff!) This stone is my go to for overcoming obstacles. It’s energies peak your mental state by actually stimulating the electrical charge in your brain cells. It’s got a spiritual side too, it works to help expand consciousness


5. My final pick is: whatever stone you are attracted to. Intuition rules all baby, you know what you need more than anyone else. Let me know what you pick!

Already a crystal lover? Share your top picks in the comments below!



Misinterpretations of Manifesting – Attraction is Not Enough

We’ve covered the basics of manifesting. You must give love and energy to what you want, but wanting is not enough. So often, I see discouraged soul searchers disappointed by their inability to create the reality they wanted for themselves. Through misconceptions and poor guidance, manifesting has become misinterpreted. While you must radiate the vibration that attracts your desire, that is not the definition of manifesting. To manifest is to portray, and that is exactly how it comes to be. Visualizations without action, are just imagination.

So how do you “portray” your dreams into reality? Feel and act as if they already exist, because they already do. Limiting yourself to your circumstances with only keep them as such. What would you do today if you had everything you wanted? Really think about it. Write it down and ask yourself how to get there, you already know how.

Manifesting is not magic. It is intent and action, with the will to follow through. Passion will lead you, manifesting will present you with the opportunities you need to create that reality, but you must put in the work to make it happen. You must commit and trust your intuition above all else. Remain without bias, remember intuition is your initial reading of something before a thought is able to form. If you aren’t trusting of your intuitive abilities just yet, wait for the Universe to guide you…it will! Manifesting certain desires may actually require you to let go and just let life. Surrender your resistance and let go of doubts and fears. You are being taken care of.

With so much expectation from wanting alone, many forget to look for signs that their reality is on it’s way. The key to manifesting, in addition to most things in life, is presence. You must be present to react and respond. Don’t miss your opportunities because you are distracted by the goal…your goals will come to you in ways you aren’t expecting.

Your highest self has an incredible plan for your life and is waiting to guide you to your bliss. While every imaginable outcome can exist for you, there are some things that you can not easily create by manifestation. This brings us back to the very beginning, the love and energy that attracts your desires. If you want to be rich for the luxury of fancy yachts and “the good life”, those desires may never come to be. If you want to be rich for a higher purpose, the freedom to help others or the time to devote to a greater good, the soul sets fire and that heat acts as a magnet. It is much easier to attract conscious goals as opposed to selfish ones. That is not to say indulgence is bad or can’t be manifested, but as you continue your journey or may have already discovered, the material world and it’s possessions will begin to matter less to you.

In conclusion, the steps to create your reality are: 1) form an intention and give it energy, 2) write down your dream and consciously ask yourself how to get there, 3) stay present, respond to the Universe, and 4) put in the work to make it happen. You’re already doing great!

How To: Heal Your Insecurities

From the time I understood what it meant to look in the mirror, I’ve had self appearance issues. I never felt thin enough, I hated my freckles, my hair, my eyes, my legs, my face, my stomach…the older I grew, the more crippling they became. I sought validation from other people and relationships. I would cry for hours at a time. I hated this incredible healthy vessel that allowed me to live and exist in this world, simply because I didn’t think it was perfect…shallow much? Regardless of how silly it may seem to me now, it devastated me for years. My issues were so deeply seeded, I never saw a future without them. Now, it truly seems like a lifetime ago that they even existed.

What are you struggling with? Weight? Acne? Everything? Stop fighting it. Stop giving so much attention to your “flaws”. Energy is a powerful tool and you’re using it against yourself. You must heal your inner world to reflect a positive change in your outer world. The universe does not respond to what you like and dislike because there is no distinction, it responds to where you direct your energy and attention. If you love yourself, you will dissolve your insecurities. If you hate yourself, you will attract more insecurities.

How do you love yourself after you’ve put yourself through so much unfounded psychological abuse? You start where you always should in moments like this…start with the bigger picture. Take some deep breaths and appreciate the miracle you are.. You watched the universe form, and you will live on forever and ever. Your short 100 years on this earth are precious and meant to be enjoyed through all experiences. The only thing standing between happiness and self loathing, is your decision to release the energies that do not serve you. After you’ve made the conscious decision to let go of your insecurities, take time to focus on the beauty in others. Take a few weeks to devote to mental correction – immediately correct any negative thoughts or feelings that enter your being. Smile at strangers. Force yourself to see beyond cosmetics and societal standards. Spend some time with good hearted souls and love them as deeply as you can. Take a walk and acknowledge how beautiful this world is…appreciate the trees, the flowers, the sky, the sounds, the air, and all of the space in between.

Insecurities can stem from a multitude of factors, from childhood, to media, to something an ex said six years ago. The question is, why are you holding on to them? What are you so afraid of? Let go. You are complete just as you are. Insecurities can also stem for ill personality traits trying to let themselves be known. Maybe the reason you’re unhappy with yourself has to do with the judgement you’ve placed on others…hmmm? Just relax, and observe.

The more love you give, the more you will receive. Without love, you reject progress. It will not happen overnight, but be patient. Something wonderful will begin to happen…you will finally see yourself as you are, through honest eyes. You will realize that you were never the problem, and be able to release the anger, tension, pressure, and frustrations you’ve been punishing yourself with senselessly. You’re a free spirit, my dear, nothing and no one stands in your way.

You Have Attachment Issues

Think back to your earliest memories as a child. Moments when you were the happiest, and moments where you were the saddest, alternating with matching intensity. What are some moments you naturally reflect on often? Why did they have an impact on you? Again, both happy and sad. What was the accomplishment you were most proud of? When did you feel the loneliest? Revisit the moments you’ve held on to for so long. Find the message within them.

Memories from our childhood are unique. Types of memory forming is still being developed in our brains, so only some things stick through to adulthood. What makes a memory stick? Significance, coherence, and emotion. Some of you may remember a sibling being born or a relative passing away. That would be a memory from a significant life event. Some may remember school projects, or learning to ride a bike; a memory from coherence. Then we come to memories from emotion, which I would like to spend some time on.

So many of our adult issues stem from childhood. The seeds of insecurity, fear, loneliness, anger, violence, sadness, abandonment, depression, control issues, and so many countless more are most often planted before the age of 12. Media, society, and your own personal experiences all take part. Take some time to check in with yourself and release yourself from any attachment to previous situations, positive or negative.

Why would you want to release attachment from positive memories? Attachment on any level will not produce positive results. Attachment implies the need for things outside of yourself. Your memories make up your life, but they are not who you are or what defines you. By subconsciously attaching yourself to positive memories, you will only create negative circumstances. You emit vibrations of longing, and so bring those feelings to you. This is not to say don’t think about the past, memories are fun! When you release your attachments, you attract the positive feelings from the memory and bring those feelings to you instead…how great is that?

It is so important to keep moving forward. Don’t let the past or the future distract your energy from performing in the here and now. You’re too busy manifesting your goals to give attention to anything else. “Success happens when opportunity meets preparation,”…will you be ready?

6 Secrets for Snapping Out of a Bad Day

Try to think of a time when you were really on a roll. Things were going good, you had it all together and then BAM…the mental beat down train comes chugging through your mind. Suddenly you’re faced with an old scar or fears of the inevitable future. Being present isn’t even an option because your big ugly ego is throwing a tantrum. It consumes your mood and you’re left feeling miserable. Save yourself the wasted time and outsmart the little bugger instead.

  1. Force yourself to take three deep breaths. Then say in your head, “I wonder what my next thought will be.” It’s essentially the equivalent of a smack in the face for your ego.
  2. Force yourself to take three deep breaths. Focus on the wall in front of you. Now bring your attention to the space between. Allow yourself to truly see the space between you and the wall. The focus it takes to see and appreciate air (which keeps us alive, but we still take it for granted??) will be too great a task for the mind to keep ragging on you.
  3. Force yourself to take three deep breaths. Go outside, lay on the ground and look up at the sky. You’re looking at the bigger picture.
  4. Force yourself to take three deep breaths. Dig deeper. Find the root of your unhappiness. Accept it, love it, and heal it. If you are unhappy with your weight, vow to change it, take action, and believe it will change. If you have a lot of negative thoughts about life and the future, find the insecurities causing them, give love to yourself and release them entirely. You are too wonderful to hold on to such things.
  5. Force yourself to take three deep breaths. Now get moving. Go on a run, dance around in your living room, or punch some pillows on the couch! Blow off some steam and release some tension. Society can be stressful, life can be hard, but you can’t be a couch potato and live a happy life.
  6. Force yourself to take deep breaths…and don’t stop until you feel better.

We all have our days and that’s okay. They aren’t bad days. They are just days and their outcome is in our hands. Be well my beautiful light beams!